Our Team of Trainers

Our delivery teams have hands on experience of the working environment in which they deliver courses. They are made up of professionals who are qualified in their areas of expertise such as nursing, social workers, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and registered managers.

Sector knowledge and occupational competence are vital for the delivery of quality learning programmes; we only interview and recruit applicants who clearly demonstrate several years of experience within the sector, hold relevant professional qualifications and, through our selection process, clearly demonstrate their commitment to the development of excellent care practice. It is this sector expertise that brings real life to our courses and challenges the thinking of learners.

Delivery methods

Our expert teams create and deliver innovative programmes that engage, inspire and motivate people. People learn in different ways, to ensure we meet all individual’s learning styles we include a range of delivery methods within each session:

  • Case studies;
  • Open discussions with feedback;
  • Group discussions with feedback;
  • Presentations from the trainer, individuals or groups;
  • Team based learning;
  • Real life examples;
  • Work place scenarios;
  • Role play;
  • Demonstrations;
  • Observation;
  • Practical work;
  • Inquiry based learning;
  • Lecture;
  • Simulation;
  • Peer learning;
  • Debates;
  • Problem solving;
  • Reflection;
  • Questions and answers;
  • Mind maps;

All of our lesson plans are learner focused and look at what the learner is gaining from the session. We ensure all learners are engaged and participating in the learning process from the start of a session and throughout the whole day. By constantly assessing the learner’s capabilities within a group we can ensure that all learning outcomes are met.

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