Why choose this course

There are a number of essential responsibilities for those who may come into contact with vulnerable adults in their employment when it comes to protecting adults and reducing the risk of abuse and neglect.

These responsibilities are addressed in our safeguarding adults level 2 course, which provides learners with a better grasp of critical safeguarding subjects and allows them to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to their employment.

It covers the basics of safeguarding, including language, multi-agency collaboration, and best practises, as well as how to recognise the signs and symptoms of abuse, what to do if someone exposes information, and what to do if you suspect a vulnerable adult is being exploited.

Anyone who deals with vulnerable adults must have current understanding of safeguarding policies, regulations, and advice in order to focus actively on keeping them safe from harm and maintain the ability to act on any concerns about their safety and wellbeing.

This course provides a thorough understanding on safeguarding adults to anyone working with adults at risk.

  1. Learn what abuse is.
  2. Identify situations in which adults are at risk.
  3. Recognise the signs of abuse.
  4. Understand the importance of taking action.
  5. Identify good practice guidelines.
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